5th July 2019

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What Types of System Testing Should Testers Use?

There are over 50 different types of system testing. The specific types used by a tester depend on several variables. Those variables include:

  • Who the tester works for – This is a major factor in determining the types of system testing a tester will use. Methods used by large companies are different than that used by medium and small companies.
  • Time available for testing – Ultimately, all 50 testing types could be used. Time is often what limits us to using only the types that are most relevant for the software project.
  • Resources available to the tester – Of course some testers will not have the necessary resources to conduct a testing type. For example, if you are a tester working for a large software development firm, you are likely to have expensive automated testing software not available to others.
  • Software Tester’s Education – There is a certain learning curve for each type of software testing available. To use some of the software involved, a tester has to learn how to use it.
  • Testing Budget – Money becomes a factor not just for smaller companies and individual software developers but large companies as well.
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