11th December 2018

Why buying presents for a baby is a waste of time

“They only want to play with the box!” Mush mums will be wrapping nappies, wipes and bibs for their little ones this Christmas

Any babies hoping to wake up to find a ride-on Ferarri and Tiffany rattle under the tree on Christmas morning are in for a disappointment, according to mums on the Mush app.

Over half of Mush mums have admitted that while they’d feel mean not handing over a gift or two, their babies will be tearing paper off cutlery, too-big clothes, bibs and even packets of wipes.

In a debate on the Mush app, mums confessed:

“For us, a pack of wet wipes or empty plastic bottle would do! When I give my daughter a present she’ll play with its box instead. She’s 11 months.”

“I have bought things he will play with but also things he needs like plates and cups, I know he will be excited to just take the wrapping paper off and shake things.”

“My boy was six months on his first Christmas, I got him things he would need like bowls, spoons and dummies.”

“My son will be four weeks old. There’s nothing we need for him because we saved everything from our first. If my toddler wants to give him something, I may wrap up some toys we already have.”

“It’s an excuse to buy things they actually need like a cot mobile or high chair.”

 “My little girl will be eight weeks old at Christmas… my sister has asked what to get her and I’ve just said get her nappies and milk!”

“My one year old has only been given hand-me-downs from his older brother so far for birthdays and Christmas, and we’ve put money in his bank account instead.” 

Notes for editors

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