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Two heads are better than one, for starters

Published 12th November 2018

According to a new study of more than 500 entrepreneurs from Octopus Group, a financial services, investment and energy company, nine in ten entrepreneurs who have a co-founder say that it has made their company more successful, while eight in ten solo founders say that having a co-founder probably would have improved their venture.

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‘My poor virgina’: women are describing childbirth in 3 words and it’s revealing

Published 8th November 2018

How would you describe your birth in three words? Absolutely bloody terrifying? The most wonderful experience? Can’t remember it?

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The importance of diversity in funding

Aired 6th September 2018

Sarah talking about what it’s like as a female founder looking for backers

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Don’t keep mum about making new mates

Published 17th August 2018

View profile. Add friend. Send private message. Set up date.

You think I am talking Tinder, right? Wrong.

Welcome to Mush – the app for ‘mum dating’.

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Setting up Mush was far from child’s play

Published 15th May 2018

A cold, wet playground in November may not seem an obvious birthplace for a technology start-up, but for Katie Massie-Taylor and Sarah Hesz it was an inspiration, leading the two women to establish Mush, an app that connects new mothers based on proximity and their children’s ages.

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Baby support group encouraging mums to not be alone and share experiences

Published 22nd April 2018

Parenthood – it’s one of the most daunting challenges in anyone’s life.

Whether it’s worries about how a child is feeding, a lack of support from family and friends, or simply not getting enough sleep, it can drive even the most prepared and upbeat people to feel isolated and low on spirits.

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The start-ups you need to know from Facebook’s first incubator

Published 22nd February 2018

Facebook has launched its first in-house start-up incubator, LDN_LAB – these are the companies to watch

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How an app helped this mother change her life

Published 6th February 2018

Rachael Watkins, 28, moved from London to Essex in May last year while she was pregnant but thanks to an app called Mush, the move and raising her first child, has been a positive and sociable experience

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Announcing our fundraise

Published 28th January 2018

Thrilled to be backed by Octopus Ventures and excited about our big plans for 2018.

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Best of 2017: Trends of the year

Published 7th December 2017

Delighted to be part of Apple’s annual round-up and it’s bloomin’ great that parent tech is being recognised as an important trend.

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Women & Tech

Published 13th October 2017

As part of Women & Tech week, The Pool met Sarah Hesz and Katie Massie-Taylor to discuss how a chance meeting inspired them to create the parenting app Mush

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The Hottest startups in London

Published 29th September 2017

Super happy to be on this list.

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Reach out to others to ease loneliness of motherhood, urges Kate

Published 21st April 2017

WE MET KATE! Even she gets lonely being a mum.

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Meet the women who set up Mush: the new ‘Tinder for mums’

Published 30th March 2017

A good round up of the Mush story so far

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