26th October 2018

Weird, scary and complicated… but Mush users say sex is BETTER after a baby

There’s no avoiding the fact that having sex again after giving birth is a big deal. In the first weeks, stitches, soreness and nerves can have a huge impact on new parents’ sex lives.

Months and even years on, exhaustion, co-sleeping, a loss of libido and lack of privacy can mean that many of us are still struggling to reconnect with our partners and bodies.

But there is hope. In a thread on the Mush app, most mums said that their sex lives were better than ever before after giving birth.

Discussing whether sex was the same, better, worse or different, 32.8% said it was better, with some mums reporting that sex was now more fun. Various reasons given included a loss of inhibitions during pregnancy and birth, feeling closer to their partners after sharing the experience of having a baby together, and a confidence boost after realising they really could look after a little one.

Several mums said that they experienced initial nerves or loss of libido but gained confidence and now found sex more exciting.

Meanwhile, 23.7% reported that sex was different and 21.4% found that it was the same as before they were pregnant. 22.1% said it was worse.

Unsurprisingly, however, 27 of the mums said that whether the sex itself was good, bad or indifferent, they were having a lot less of it due to disrupted sleep and busy lives with several replying: ‘Sex? What’s that!’

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