5th July 2019

Wisdom Guide Day 4

Serverless is opinionated. Hence, users would time to time run into scenarios that do not match their expectations. On the one hand, this might be a reason enough for middleware to survive. On the other hand, to handle this scenario, well-orchestrated customer service is needed. Moreover, the middleware market depends on relationships and customer service where the vendor and organization both view it as a partnership, not as a take-it-or-leave-it black box. However, customer service and relationships have never been part of mega-clouds DNA. There will be a customer service gap, a gap that is going against mega-cloud’s business model, a gap that is hard to fill. If mega-clouds did not fix this, they would effectively ignore the long tail of applications. This gap can give enough room for middleware companies to survive, to scuff away at mega-clouds, and to even win the long game. Instead, mega-clouds can choose to share some revenue and let middleware vendors handle customer service. So there is hope.

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